10 P's of Successful Selling

The Burgess Team's Signature Recipe for Seller Success

1. Preparation

Preparing your home for sale is vital, and a primary focus of our team. We bring in the Home and Pest inspectors early. Depending on their findings, we may also inspect the roof, HVAC, drainage, and pool, if applicable. These findings provide the details for our next step, the Project Planning, but more on that later.

The early inspections tell us exactly what needs to be addressed to get the home ready for its best presentation to the market. Most buyers want a “move-in ready” home, and taking care of repairs and improvements is an investment for the seller. It also reduces another round of negotiations later in the sale if issues are discovered in the due diligence phase. We can document gains in the sale price by spending a few dollars to get it right before going to market.

We also bring in our Stager/Designer to review the home, and determine what needs to be decluttered and what staging pieces need to be brought in for the right look for selling the home. The stager often recommends painting with more current colors and styles, improving the lighting, cleaning the windows, and sometimes carpeting or flooring needs to be updated. Even the landscaping is addressed for the best overall look for the home.

Another we way get your home ready for the market is by bringing in professional photography. This is our last step in Preparation. When the house is properly staged and ready, and looking its best, the pictures are taken. These pictures become the basis for our literature, and all online presentations. All buyers are using online resources to review homes, and the pictures are extremely important. We make sure to get it right.

2. Project Planning

We put together a specific Project Plan with assignments and timelines to make sure the various contractors and vendors get their work done on time and on budget. After the inspections are done, and the staging is determined, The Pat Burgess and her team put together a specific Project Plan with assignments and timelines to make sure the various contractors and vendors get their work done on time and on budget. This can range from a fairly simple plan, to highly detailed, depending on the condition of the home and what needs to be done. We work closely with the seller to determine the scope of work, budget, and target dates. Time is money, and the seller wants to get the work done and put the house on the market quickly, but properly prepared.

3. Pre-Marketing

Pre-Marketing is one of our strongest assets — where our experience and connection to the real estate community really helps you. We put together an extensive pre-marketing campaign to excite people about the upcoming home which includes the internet, print, and mailers to name a few avenues.

In addition we are part of “Top Agent Network”, which is an online network of all of the top agents in the area; and the Artisan Group, which is an affiliation of top brokerage firms from Marin through the South Bay and reaching out to Tahoe. We share our “coming soon” homes with these groups so they can start talking with their buyers. We also put your home on Brokers Tour before bringing it to the general public market. This combination of events gets your home exposed to the market before the first Open House which is why our average days from putting the house on the market to getting a contract is 7 days!

4. Prospecting

We utilize our networks in the community, the Bay Area, and internationally. Compass is a boutique firm, with 100 agents. We have weekly meetings and an online tool to let each other know what is “coming soon”, so they can start letting their buyers know about it. We are also a member of Top Agent Network, a group of top producing luxury focused agents in the Bay Area.

We send our listings out to over 600 online sites, many of which are international in their focus. All this Prospecting work enables us to start identifying buyers well before bringing your home to market, so we get the sales process started quickly, with pre-qualified buyers that already have knowledge of the home and the community. This prospecting work, combined with our approach to having the home totally ready enables us to get your home into contract quickly, with a qualified buyer, at a premium price.

5. Prepping

We work with the best professional stagers to prepare your home for market. The investment is proven to gain a better price for your home, and it enables the buyer to see the home in its absolute best form. Homes go through fashion cycles, much like clothing and cars. Bringing in the newest styles and colors, while also removing clutter and personal touches, lets the buyer see the home in a more neutral setting and allows them to “move in” emotionally.

6. Professional Photography

Professional Photography is an absolute MUST. Most buyers view your home on the internet before deciding whether or not to see it in person. Everyone is looking at homes online, and the pictures tell the story. A buyer can be quickly discouraged by poor photography, even if the home might actually meet their needs. We create YouTube video loops, virtual tours, and even drone photography to present the property in the best manner. Our photography is consistent throughout the marketing of your home, from the literature, to the online pictures, to the listing pictures on MLS. The combination of proper staging and excellent photos is vital to showing buyers your home in this competitive selling environment.

7. Pricing

Pricing is somewhat of an art. Determining the right price to take to the market is affected by multiple factors, recent comparable sales in the area, and timing. We work closely with our clients through the process, from initial evaluation, to inspections and repairs, to staging & photography, to come up with the best price. Another step we take is to invite our fellow agents into the home when all the preparation is done, and right before we advertise your home to the market. We ask them to provide a Brokers Price Opinion, based on what they see in the market, compared with your home. They often make suggestions about details that are very helpful. We share our thoughts on pricing, and listen to their comments closely. Bringing in these experienced agents is a great benefit because we can gain their perspective from the broader market. This also brings in top producing agents that have buying clients, which can be very beneficial.

8. Publicity

Publicity for your home is key, and the options are almost endless and evolving. Print advertising is losing importance, but still vital, so we definitely use that resource. Online publicity is a very broad term, and here the available venues are vast. When we publish your home on MLS, it automatically goes out to over 600 websites, local, regional, national, and international. We also are members of the Artisan Network and Top Agent Network, regional affiliations of boutique brokerages, and we share all listings with our colleagues in these networks. We utilize Social Media heavily in publicizing your home, and we participate with a site that focuses specifically on the Chinese market. We get reports and feedback from all this networking, and share these reports with our clients. This feedback allows us to change our focus if necessary, and stay on point with the right message in the right markets.

9. Presentation

Presentation is the culmination of all the hard work; Preparation, Project Planning, Pre-Marketing, Prospecting, Prepping, Photography, Pricing, and Publicity. When the Pat Burgess Team brings a home to market, we have the reputation of getting it right, and we have earned the respect of the other agents in our area. We have one of the shortest Days on Market statistics, and that is the result of our formula for success. The benefit to the seller is a clean transaction, short timeframes, and a premium price for your home. We value the trust of our clients, and strive to deliver on the promise.

10. Pat & Paul

Pat & Paul bring over 40 years of combined sales and marketing experience into their Real Estate practice. Corporate sales backgrounds from the likes of AT&T, IBM, and General Electric, plus building and running their own businesses in consulting and corporate finance, brings a unique skill set to their clients. Attention to detail is paramount, and their negation skills have been honed in diverse environments. There is an additional, and personal element, to the sale of your home. We understand that it is typically the largest asset a family has, but more than that, the emotional aspects of selling your home are very real, and sharing in this experience requires trust and respect. We value this trust, and greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with our clients in such an important transaction.

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