28,721 Days vs. 1 Day

There is just one day in your entire lifetime when you will inevitably die. That is a day with zero opportunity. While many say you only live once, death is actually physically fully experienced just that one day in your entire lifetime…..while living can be enjoyed and experienced for thousands of days. If the average American lives to be 78.69 years (hopefully you live much longer!), that is 28,721 days of LIVING….and opportunity to enjoy and embrace life.

If we live in the present with an exceptional awareness and appreciation for the moment we are in, we get around 28,721 opportunities to live well. Some of us tend focus too much attention or fear around death when in reality we are afforded so much more opportunity while we are alive. That opportunity happens each and every single day. For THOUSANDS of days. So what exactly will you do, say, feel, experience, be grateful for, change, etc today knowing you have been gifted these thousands of opportunities? 

– Leonard Steinberg  #CompassRealty

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